You’re watching the re-released cut of Brian Madika's interdisciplinary performance art film “ICEOLO.”

During 2019 the project hath been honored to make its remark and impression at:

ASA Humanitarian Film Festival 

BIDEODROMO International Experimental Film and Video Festival

Buenos Aires International Film Festival

CAPA Project, a creative charity art event in Oslo for the urban culture in Manila, Philippines

Dumbo Film Festival

First-Time Filmmaker Sessions

The Lift-Off Sessions

Maracay International Film & Video Festival

Music Shorts Film Festival

Västerås Filmfestival 

Stockholm Dansfilmfestival 


A story told through movement and cinematography with the aim of highlighting the beauty in human emotionality.

- Brian Madika

Full Credits:

Writer / Director / Producer / Choreographer : 
Brian Madika

Co Producer
Faramarz Gosheh


Brian Madika, 
Kamille Karpalovaite, 
Julian Namroud,  
Anaï Sofie Ljungberg, 
Paulina Creola

Cinematographer - Faramarz Gosheh

Film editor & colorist - Faramarz Gosheh 

Music Arrangement - Dizzee Beats & Brian Madika

Music - Kiano, Blac Noize


Sound Supervisor - Dizzee Beats

Sound design - Blac Noize, Tomas Nyman

Additional sound - Niklas Alexander Da Silva,
Mikael Örtenheim

Set design - Frida Rådlund

Body paint artist - Vilija Art, assisting Anaï Sofie Ljungberg

Costume - Cast